CALI Slate for Berkeley Rent Board 2016

Stand up for the Berkeley we love…

Protecting the Berkeley We Love

Our Pledge

  • Defend Rent Control
  • Strengthen Tenant Protections
  • Fight Tenant Harassment
  • Oppose Unlawful Evictions
  • Ensure Habitability
  • Expand Rent Board Services

SUPPORT Our Seniors

Many seniors live on fixed incomes and in rent controlled units. Without rent control protections, seniors would be at risk of homelessness and displacement.

SUPPORT Our Working Families

As some landlords attempt to profit from Berkeley’s high rents, families are being evicted, uprooting children from their friends, teachers, and school communities.

SUPPORT Our Disabled/ Differently Abled Community

Berkeley offers the most comprehensive wrap around services for our disabled/ differently abled community. Without a strong rent control and eviction protections ordinance, this community may be at risk of displacement.

SUPPORT Our Low-Wage Workers, Artists, and Others

Some of our most creative and generous neighbors make barely a living wage in our current economy. Berkeley should be a place they, too, can call home.

Our Track Record

A History of Public Service & Activism

  • A combined 50 years of experience fighting for tenant rights and a Berkeley we can ALL call home.
  • Participated in local, regional, and statewide efforts to strengthen eviction protections and expand the supply of and financing for lower-income housing for working families.
  • Funded eviction defense programs and non-profit housing, while balancing the Rent Board budget.
  • Worked in broad coalitions to stop measures that would have criminalized homelessness.

Our Opponent’s Track Record

Follow the Money